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Instructions are in "PDF" format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat click on the logo to get it free.
If after reviewing our printed
instructions you have questions contact our Technical Representative directly by calling (954) 247-0705 or free by e-mail at
RK16085 - `08~04 STX-12F/15F Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RK16090 - `07 Ultra 250X & all Ultra LX Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RK16090-08 - Ultra 250X (08), 260X & 300X Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RK16091-1 - Ultra 300/260/250 Pro-Series Water Box
RK16110 - Ultra 310 Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RK18100-ERP - Ultra 300 Exhaust Race Plate
RS15050-1 -Sea-Doo 255/215hp Rear Exhaust Kit
255hp RXP-X & RXT-X Models
215hp RXP, RXT & GTX Supercharged Models
RS15050-SK-O2 - Sea-Doo O2 Sensor Installation Kit
RS15090-ET - Sea-Doo S3/T3 Rear Exhaust Outlet Kit
RS15100-2 - S3 Rear Exhaust Kit
RS15110-1 - RXP-X 260 & GTR 215 Rear Exhaust Kit
RS16050-01-04 - `04~06 RXP Free Flow Exhaust Kit (215hp)
RS16050-01-07 - `07~08 RXP Free Flow Exhaust Kit (215hp)
RS16055-01-05 - `05~06 RXT/GTX-SC Free Flow Exhaust Kit (215hp)
RS16055-01-07 - `07~08 RXT/GTX-SC Free Flow Exhaust Kit (215hp)
RS16080 - RXP-X/RXT-X Free Flow Exhaust Kit (255hp)
RS16081 - `08 & Newer RXP-X/RXT-X/RXP/RXT/GTX-SC Water Box Kit
RS16082 - `07 & Older RXP/RXT/GTX-SC Water Box Kit
RS16090 - RXT-X S3, RXP-X T3. GTR Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RS16091 - Sea-Doo S3/T3 Water Box
RS16091-ET-100 - RXT/GTX (S3) Exhaust Tube for RS16091
RS16091-ET-110 - RXP-X (T3) Exhaust Tube for RS16091
RS16130 - Sea-Doo Spark Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RS16131 - Sea-Doo Spark Pro-Series Water Box
RY15040 - `11~08 FX-SHO Rear Exhaust Kit
RY15040-TP-O2 - Yamaha O2 Sensor Mounting Kit
RY15050 - FZR/FZS Rear Exhaust Kit
RY15060 - VXR/VXS Rear Exhaust Kit
RY15070 - 2012 & Newer FX Rear Exhaust Kit
RY1510 - WaveBlasterII Exhaust System
RY1511 - WaveRaider/Wave Venture Exhaust System
RY1513 - GP1300R Power Core Exhaust Insert
RY1522 - Single Pipe Stinger 3 Exhaust System
RY1522-UK - Single Pipe Stinger 3 Upgrade Kit
RY15-WIS-2P - Dual Point Water Injection Kit
RY1619-1 - XLT 800/1200 Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY162O - GP1200R Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY1625 - FX Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY16030 - VX Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY16040 - `11~08 FX-SHO/all FZ/`11~09 FX-HO Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY16041 - FX-SHO/FZ Pro-Series Water Box
RY16060 - VXR/VXS Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY16070 - 2013~12 FX Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RY1819 - Yamaha Cat Removal D-Plate
  (1200/1300 Powervalve)
RIVA Yamaha Carb Adapaters - 38/44/46mm
RK1000-15F - STX-15F Endurance Engine Kit
RK13085 - Ultra LX & STX-12F/15F Performance Power Filter Kit
RK13090 - Ultra 260/250 Performance Power Filter Kit
RK13096 - Ultra 260/250X Pro-Series Power Filter Kit
RK13100 - Ultra 310/300 Power Filter Kit
RK14080 - SX-R Billet Reed Spacer Kit
RK1750-BPUK - Ultra 250X Bypass Upgrade Kit
RK1785 - STX-15F Supercharger Kit
RS12050-BIM - RIVA/Wilson Billet Intake Manifold
RS12050-I-KIT-42 - Pro•Series Sea-Doo Fuel Injector Kit
RS12050-I-KIT-50 - Pro•Series Sea-Doo Fuel Injector Kit
RS12050-RRFPR-07 - `07 & Older 215hp Sea-Doo Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
RS12050-RRFPR-08 - `08 & Newer 260/255/215hp Sea-Doo Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
RS12050-340FP-07 - `07~04 Sea-Doo High Volume Fuel Pump Kit
RS12050-340FP-08 - `08 & Newer Sea-Doo High Volume Fuel Pump Kit
RS12080-IMUK - 255hp Sea-Doo Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
RS12090-I-KIT-75 - Pro•Series Sea-Doo Fuel Injector Kit
RS12090-I-KIT-100 - Pro•Series Sea-Doo Fuel Injector Kit
RS13050-03 - 2003 RXP/RXT/GTX-SC Power Filter Kit
RS13050-06 -Sea-Doo Performance Power Filter Kits
RXP-X & RXP Models
RXT-X, RXT & GTX Supercharged Models
RS13056 - RXP-X/RXP Pro-Series Power Filter Kit
RS13100 - RXT-X/RXT 260 (S3) Power Filter Kit
RS13100-S - RXT/GTX iS & aS (S3) Power Filter Kit
RS13100-TSUK - Tank Strap Upgrade Kit
RS13110 - RXP-X 260 (T3) Power Filter Kit
RS13110-CAUK - RXP-X 260 (T3) Cold Air Upgrade Kit
RS1750-001B - Sea•Doo 215hp 'GEN-2' Supercharger Impeller
RS1750-2M011 - Sea•Doo 215HP Pro-Series Supercharger Impeller & Housing
RS17050-SC-140-060 - XXX-Charger Complete Supercharger (Sea-Doo)
RS17050-SWP-948 - Heavy-duty Supercharger Spring Washer Pack
RS17080-2M061 - Sea•Doo 255HP Pro-Series Impeller & Housing
RS17080-BV-PFV - Performance Blow-off Valve Kit (Sea-Doo)
RS17080-ICUK - Sea-Doo 255hp OEM Intercooler Upgrade Kit
RS17080-IH-137-060 - XX-Charger Impeller/Housing/Spacer (Sea-Doo)
RS17080-SCI-XX2 - Sea-Doo 260/255 XX2-Charger
RS17081-BOV-SSQV - Pro-Series Blow-off Valve Kit (Sea-Doo)
RS17090-TK - Sea•Doo Intercooler Tube Upgrade Kit
RS1750-BV - Sea-Doo 215hp Blow-off Valve Kit
RS1750-CB-420 - Ceramic Sea-Doo Supercharger Bearing Set
RS1750-PC/-PC-001 - RXP/RXT/2005~07 GTX-SC Power
  Cooler Kits
RS1751-HDW-YEAR - 255hp RXP-X/RXT-X & 215hp RXP/RXT/
  GTX-SC Heavy-duty Supercharger Clutch Washers
RS1751-PC-1 - Sea-Doo 215hp 'GEN-2' Power Cooler Kit
RS1752-PC-I - Sea-Doo 'GEN-3' Power Cooler
RS1752-PCIK-GTR - GTR 215 Power Cooler Installation Kit
RS19050-BCC - Sea-Doo 4-TEC Oil Catch Can/Engine Breather Kit
RY1200TW-30 - `04~06 VX110 Speed Reduction Kit
RY1200TW-30-1 - `07~11 VX110 Speed Reduction Kit
RY12040-BFF - Billet Fuel Filter Kit
RY12040-BFR - Yamaha 1.8L High Flow Fuel Rail Kit
RY12040-FMUK-340FP - Fuel Module Upgrade Kit
RY12040-I-KIT-100 - Pro•Series Yamaha Fuel Injector Kit (100lb)
RY12040-IMUK - FX-SHO/FZ Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
RY12040-RRFPR-6S5 - `11~08 Yamaha Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
RY12040-340FP-6S5 - Yamaha High Volume Fuel Pump
RY12055-IMUK - FX-HO/VXR Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
RY12070-RRFPR-6S5 - 2012+ Yamaha Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
RY12320 - GP1200R/1300R Carburetor Splash Guard
RY124/128M - Reed Spacer/Boosters
RY13030 - VX110/VX110 Deluxe Power Filter Kit
RY13040 - `11~09 FX-SHO & FZR/S Performance Power Filter Kit
RY13060 - VXR/VXS Performance Power Filter Kit
RY13070 - 2012 FX-SHO Performance Power Filter Kit
RY1325-VSK - FX Velocity Stacks
RY17040-BV - FX-SHO/FZ Performance Blow-off Valve Kit
RY17040-HDSCB-6S5 - FX-SHO/FZ Heavy-duty Supercharger Bearing
RY17040-IH-H1 - FX-SHO/FZ Race Charger Impeller & Housing
RY17040-ICUK - FX-SHO/FZ OEM Intercooler Upgrade Kit
RY17040-PC - FX-SHO/FZ GEN-1 Power Cooler Kit
RY17040-PC-1 - FX-SHO/FZ GEN-2 Power Cooler Kit
RY17040-SCI-B1 & E1 - FX-SHO/FZ Supercharger Impellers
RY17040-UK-6S5-2 - FX-SHO/FZ Heavy-duty Supercharger Shaft Upgrade Kit
RY17040-UK-6S5-3 - FX-SHO/FZ 'GEN-3' Super-duty Supercharger Shaft Kit
RY17080-PC - SVHO Pro-Series Power Cooler Kit
RY1726 - FX-HO Supercharger Kit (MR-1 Engine)
RY19040-EBUK-1 - `11~08 YAM 1.8L Engine Breather Upgrade Kit
RY19040-12-EBUK - 2012 YAM 1.8L Engine Breather Upgrade Kit
Primer Kit - All 2 & 3 Cylinder 2-stroke Engines
Pro-Series 4-stroke Cylinder Head Gaskets
RIVA/Carrillo Connecting Rods
RK1000-15F - STX-15F Offshore Engine Kit
RK1001-1500-9.5 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RK1001-1500-10.5 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RK10085-HSK - Ultra 260/250/LX & STX-15F Engine Head Stud Kit
RK1750-BPUK - Ultra 250X Bypass Upgrade Kit
RK19085-VTU - Kawasaki 1.5L Valve Train Upgrade Kit
RK19090-VCB - Valve Cover Block-off Kit
RS10050-HSK - Sea-Doo 1503 Engine Head Stud Kit
RS1001-1503-8.4 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RS1001-1503-8.4-010 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RS1001-1503-8.4-020 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RS1001-1503-9.5 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RS1001-1503-9.5-010 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RS1001-1503-9.5-020 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RS1013-50-1 - Sea-Doo 4-TEC Open Loop Cooling Kit
RS1015 - Sea-Doo 4-TEC Thermostat Kit
RS19050-PVG-KIT - Sea-Doo Performance Valve Guides
RS19050-PVS-KIT - Sea-Doo Performance Valve Seats
RS19050-SRU-1 - Sea-Doo Stock Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit
RS19050-VTU - Sea-Doo Valve Train Upgrade Kit
RY1001-6S5-8.6 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY1001-6S5-8.6-020 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY1001-6S5-8.6-040 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY1001-6S5-9.5 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY1001-6S5-10.5 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY100027 - Pro-Series Twin Cylinder Head (Girdled)
RY100028 - Pro-Series Triple Cylinder Head (Non-Girdled)
RY10030-OES - "Last Drop" Oil Extraction System (VX & V1)
RY100313 - Performance Cylinder Head Kit (60T)
RY100320 - Pro-Series Billet Cylinder Head Kit (66V)
GP1200R, XLL/XLT1200
RY100388 - Performance Cylinder Head Kit (66V)
  GP1200R, XLL/XLT1200
RY10040-HSK - Yamaha 1.8L Engine Head Stud Kit
RY10040-ECUK-I - FX-SHO/FZ Engine Cooling Upgarde Kit (for 2008~10 models with RY17040-ICUK)
RY10040-ECUK-PC - FX-SHO/FZ Engine Cooling Upgarde Kit (for 2008~10 models with RY17040-PC)
RY10040-ECUK-I-11 - Engine Cooling Upgarde Kit (Supercharged Models with OEM Intercooler Upgrade Kit)
  2011~12 FX-SHO & FZ Models
  2013 FX-SHO & FZ Models
RY10040-ECUK-NA-11 - Engine Cooling Upgarde Kit
(Normally Aspirated 1.8L models)
  2011~12 VXR/S & FX-HO Models
  2013 VXR/S & FX-HO Models
RY10040-ECUK-PC-11 - Engine Cooling Upgarde Kit (Supercharged Models with RIVA Power Cooler Kit)
  2011~12 FX-SHO & FZ Models
  2013 FX-SHO & FZ Models
RY10040-OES - "Last Drop" Oil Extraction System
RY10040-SLV-470 - Darton Yamaha 1.8L Cylinder Sleeves
RY10040-470-86 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY10040-470-86-020 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY10040-470-86-040 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY10040-470-95 - Pro-Series 4-stroke Piston Kit
RY10080-ECUK-I - SVHO Stage 1 Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit
RY10080-ECUK-PC - Pro Series SVHO Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit
RY1011L & RY1011M - Yamaha Water Bypass Kit
RY10840-FWB - RIVA/ARP Flywheel Bolt Upgrade Kit
RY10840-CMSK-1LB - Yamaha 1.8L Crankcase Main Stud Kit
RY17040-SGD-6S5 - FX-SHO/FZ Supercharger Gear Dampener (19 tooth)
RY17040-SGD-6S5-20 - FX-SHO/FZ Supercharger Gear Dampener (18 tooth)
RY19040-ACS - Yamaha 1.8L Adjustable Cam Sprocket Kit
RY19040-BVL-KIT - Yamaha 1.8L Valve Lifter Buckets
RY19040-PVS - Yamaha 1.8L Performance Valve Seals
RY19040-PVS-1 - Yamaha 1.8L High Performance Valve Seals
RY19040-SRU - Yamaha 1.8L Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit
RY19040-VTU-1 - Yamaha 1.8L Valve Train Upgrade Kit
RY11840-ECU-DC-1 - "RIVA/Vi-PEC V88R3 Pro Series ECU"
RK11100-SCOM - 2013~11 Kawasaki Ultra 300 S.C.O.M.
RK11110-SCOM - Kawasaki Ultra 310 & 300 S.C.O.M.
RS11890-ECU-DC - RIVA/Vi-PEC V88R Pro-Series ECU
RS11090-SCOM-10 - 2010 Sea-Doo iControl S.C.O.M.
RS11090-SCOM-11 - `12~11 Sea-Doo iControl S.C.O.M.
RS11850-MD60-EC-11 - Sea-Doo Dash Logger Ext Cable
RS11850-MD60-EC-10 - Sea-Doo Dash Logger Ext Cable
RS11850-01-A/B/C - RXP/RXT/`05~07 GTX-SC Pro-Series ECU
RS11891-ECU-DC - Athena Pro-Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU
RY1016VX - VX110 Deluxe Bilge Pump Kit
RY1120 - GPR Aluminum Battery Tray
RY11080-SCOM - FZ SVHO Speed Control Override Module
RY115-20 - CAT Temp Sensor Chip
RY11540-LC1-6S5-1 - LC-1 Wideband Lambda Controller
RY11540-MTX-6S5 - MTX-L Wideband Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit
RY11740-BC-6BH - FX-SHO/FZ Boost Clamp (2011)
RY11740-BC-6S5 - FX-SHO/FZ Boost Clamp (2010 & older)
RY11740-MS-3 - `08~10 FX-SHO/`09~10 FZ 3 Bar Map Sensor Kit
RY11740-MS-3-11 - `11+ FX-SHO/FZ 3 Bar Map Sensor Kit
RY11817 - GP800 Pro-Seies Digitial CDI
RY11818A - GP1200 (65U) Pro-Seies Digitial CDI A
RY11818B - GP1200 (65U) Pro-Seies Digitial CDI B
RY11818C - GP1200 (65U) Pro-Seies Digitial CDI C
RY11820 - 1200 Powervalve (66V) Pro-Series CDI
RY11840-MD60-EC-DC - Dash Logger Ext Cable (Direct Connect ECU)
RY11840-ECU-DC - RIVA/Vi-PEC V88R Pro-Series ECU
RY11840-01-C - RIVA/Vi-PEC V88 Pro-Series ECU
RY11841-DMS-ECU-DC - Dual Map Switch for Direct Connect ECU
RY11841-ECU-DC - Athena Yamaha Direct Connect ECU
RY11841-ECU-HFPWC - Athena Yamaha Power Conect ECU
RY11841-MD60-EC - Dash Logger Ext Cable (Power Connect ECU)
RY11913 - Pro-Series E.F.I. Control Unit
GP/XL Bi-Loader Intake Grates
RIVA Set-Back Impellers
RK20090-L - Ultra Pro-Series Steering Lower
RK20090-U-8.75 - Ultra Pro-Series Steering System
RK21100 - Ultra 310/300/260/250X Ride Plate
RK22100 - Ultra 310/300 Tunable Intake Grate
RK2590 - Ultra 250X/LX Pump Seal Kit
RK26080 - SX-R Rear Sponsons
RK26085 - STX-12F/15F Pro-Series Sponsons
RK26090 - Ultra 310/300/260/250X/LX Pro-Series Sponsons
RK5-STB - SX-R Spring Tensioner Block
RS20050-U - X-model Bar Mount System
RS20110 - RXP-X 260 Pro-Series Steering System
RS21050 & 21080 - Performance Ride Plates
RS22090 - RXT/GTX (S3) Top-Loader Intake Grate
RS22110 - RXP-X 260 (T3) Top-Loader Intake Grate
RS23050 - RXP/RXT/GTX-SC Pump Wedge
RS23050-1-ER - RXP-X/RXT-X/RXP VTS Extension Rod
RS23050-N - RXP/RXT/GTX-SC Pro-Series Reduction Nozzle
RS24090-ICL - Sea-Doo Billet iControl Levers
RS2455/2455-1 - Sea-Doo Finger Throttle Conversion Kit
RS26050 - RXP/RXT/GTX 4-TEC Pro-Series Sponson Kit
RS26110 - 2012 RXP/RXT aS 260 Pro-Series Sponsons
RS26130 - Sea-Doo Spark Pro-Series Sponsons
RS27110-APT - RXP-X 260 Adjustable Trim Tab Kit
RS27110-FPT - RXP-X 260 Fixed Trim Tabs
RS29050-1 - Sea-Doo Performance O.P.A.S Block-off Kit
RS29055 - GTX/RXT O.P.A.S Competition Kit
RS29950 - RXP-X/RXP Pro-Series O.P.A.S Block-off Kit
RS29985 - RXT-X/RXT Pro-Series O.P.A.S Block-off Kit
RS33080-PEK-50 - Sea-Doo RXP-X/RXP Pump Extension Kit
RS33085-PEK-50 - Sea-Doo RXT-X/RXT/GTX-SC Pump Extension Kit
RS33-140-SK - Sea-Doo Spark Stainless Steel Wear Ring
RS33-155-SR/RS-159-SRX - Sea-Doo Stainless Steel Wear Rings
RY1013-WS-17 & -19 - High Flow Pump Strainer (Yamaha)
RY1023/1024 - SuperJet Handlepole Springs
RY1024-1 - Supe Jet Handle Pole Spring
RY20050-U-3.5 - FZ Pro-Series Steering System
RY20060-U - VXR/VXS Pro-Series Steering System
RY21017-1RF - GP Performance Ride Plate
RY21040 - FX-SHO Performance Ride Plate
RY21050 - FZR / FZS Performance Ride Plate
RY21060 - VXR / VXS Performance Ride Plate
RY22050-1 - FZR/FZS Stainless Intake Grate
RY22060 - VXR/VXS Stainless Intake Grate
RY22070 - `12+ Yamaha FX Intake Grate
RY22520 - GPR Race Grate / Pump Shoe
RY23040-N - Pro-Series Reduction Nozzle
RY25040 - FX-SHO/`09 FX-HO/`09 FX Pump Seal Kit
RY25050-1 - RY22050-1 Pump Seal Kit
RY25060 - RY22060 Pump Seal Kit
RY25070 - RY22070 Pump Seal Kit
RY2519 - XLL/XLT Pump Seal Kit
RY2520 - GPR Pump Seal Kit
RY2525 - FX Pump Seal Kit
RY2530 - VX Pump Seal Kit (Stock Intake Grate)
RY2531 - VX Pump Seal Kit (RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate)
RY2600 - `95~96 Raider 701/760/1100 Sponsons
RY2601 - SuperJet Rear Sponsons
RY26070 - Yamaha FX & FZ Pro-Series Sponsons
RY2618-1 - GP Pro-Series Sponon Kit
RY2620-1 - GPR Pro-Series Sponon Kit
RY2616 - `97~00 GP760/800/1200 Performance Sponson Kit
RY2625 - FX & VX Pro-Series Sponon Kit
RY2701 - SuperJet Hull Extensions
RY2717 - GP Performance Trim Tabs (late `98~99)
RY2718-A - GP Performance Trim Tabs (`97~early `98)
RY2820 - GPR Mechanical Trim Tabs (1300/1200/800)
RY3119 - Performance Pump Cone
RY34040-SP-160/12 - Yamaha 160mm Race Pump
Quick-Turn Nozzles
RHS10240 - S4 Handle Pole Stopper Pin
RHS5-RMK-040 - S4 Rail Molding Kit
RS4-130-WUK-1 - Spark Main Deck Washer Upgrade Kit
RS4-130-WUK-2 - Spark Front & Rear Deck Washer Upgrade Kit
RS5-0050 - RXP High Flow Hood Kit
RY30040-DSS - FX / FZ Billet Driveshaft Sleeve Kit
RY30060-DSS - VXR / VXS Billet Driveshaft Sleeve Kit
RY5-FXSHO-MB - FX-SHO/`09 & Newer FX Mirror Block-off Kit
RY5-FZ-MB - FZR/FZS Mirror Block-off Kit
RY5-JT200 - Front Splash Guard
RY5-VXR-MB - VXR/VXS, 2010+ VX Mirror Block-off Kit
RIVA / Jettrim Seat Covers
RIVA Factory Racing Graphics Kits
Big Bore Requirements
Dash Logger Gauge Pods
RIVA Factory Racing Graphics Kits
RIVA PWC Lifting Slings
RS19050-VCT - Sea-Doo Valve Compression Tool
RS24090-ICRT - Sea-Doo iControl Removal Tool
RY1013-SDF-UK - RIVA Universal Sand/Debris Filter Kit
RY11841-LD-MB - Dash Logger Mounting Bracket
RY19040-VCT - Yamaha/Kawasaki Valve Compression Tool
RY19040-VST - Yamaha Valve Seal Tool
RIVA / Jettrim Seat Covers
Winterizing Your Craft
RIVA Performance Packages
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